One man mower equipment

One Man and a Mower Lawn Care uses a 1994 Ford Tempo and a small trailer to transport his equipment. A car, especially when it has a four cylinder engine, is much more fuel efficient than a pickup truck favored by other yard maintenance business. The trailer is also quite small, much smaller than the trailers used by other lawn care firms.

Loaded car and trailer
Equipment loaded and ready to go

The car has an original 98,000 miles on it and is kept maintained. The trailer is 30 inches wide and 48 inches long. Though quite small, the trailer is more than large enough for the equipment that One Man and a Mower Lawn Care transports. That equipment is one leaf blower, used to clean up the work area after cutting and edging, one power head to power edging, string trimming, hedging, and poles saw attachments, one 22inch lawn mower, and one gallon of each of two stroke mix and four stroke gasoline. There is enough room left in the trailer to load and transport bags of clippings and other debris. The power head attachments are transported in the trunk of the care.

Loaded work trailer
Loaded work trailer

During transport all equipment is secured with nylon tie straps.

The better fuel efficiency of a car and the light weight of the small trailer help to keep costs down for the customers of One Man and a Mower Lawn Care.