String Trimming at One Man and a Mower

String trimmers, which are also called Weed Wackers and Weed Eaters, are one of the most common tools used by Norman Haga at One Man and a Mower Lawn care in Salt Lake City. The string trimmer may be the most commonly used tool at One Man and a Mower by Norman Haga or any Utah yard care professional.

With various attachments, Norman Haga uses his string trimmer as an edger, pruner, and string trimmer. All properties that One Man and a Mower looks after benefit from the lawn edges around buildings, planters, and under trees and bushes are trimmed with a string trimmer. When it comes to hard edges, such as where grass and sidewalk meet, Norman Haga changes the attachment to an edger to create a sharp edge that nicely contrasts the two edges and show a clear delineation between the two different materials. Simply put, a string trimmer is an essential tool for making a lawn look neat and well kept that is used by most Utah yard care professionals.

String trimmers come in two basic varieties; there are curved shaft and straight shaft types. Each type has different uses. The curved shaft variety is easier for many people to control, but the straight shaft type is what most professional landscapers and grounds keepers prefer. The straight shaft string trimmer allows a person to more easily reach under plants, shrubs, and trees to trim the grass.
The straight shaft string trimmer is the more difficult of the two types of string trimmers to control. The head of the trimmer is further from the body and creates a greater momentum if the trimmers string comes into contact with the ground, a rock, or another hard surface.

Thevortex line type of string that is used with a string trimmer also affects how well the trimmer works. A simple round line is the most common string used in a trimmer by home owners and many Utah yard care professionals. Norman Haga and One Man and a Mower use a twisted line that Vortex manufacturers. While the gray line is more difficult to see than an orange or red line sold by many other companies, the polymer line lasts longer than many of the string types that One Man and a Mower have tested over the years. Norman buys the line in small quantities from a Utah lawn care supplier in Salt Lake City, Utah because the older the line is, the more brittle the line becomes. A person uses brittle line at a much faster rate than they would a more flexible line.

string trimmerNorman Haga and One Man and a Mower use Poulan Pro string trimmers. Many Utah yard care professionals use other brands.  All string trimmers are made only a few different manufacturers. Yamabiko owns Echo and Shindaiwa. Stihl is a privately owned company. MTD owns the majority of the other brands, including Husquavarna and Poulan Pro. Every part except the outer covers on the Poulan Pro equipment that One man and a Mower uses cross references over to a Husquavarna part. Without paying the price of a Husquavarna tool, Norman is using a Husquavarna professional line tool that is only different in the brand on the machine and at a lower cost.

Normspeedfeedan uses Echo Speed Feed heads on his string trimmers because they have a larger capacity and are easier to refill when the spool is empty.


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