Facts about Norman Haga.

1.  What religion does Norman practice?

Norman does not practice any organized religion.  It is Norman’s belief that laws of the Conservation of Energy and Matter apply to life on the earth.  When a person is conceived energy is derived from the mothers body from the vast store in the universe.  When the when the person dies, that energy, and the energy they accumulated during life, returns to the Universe.  Though this energy is in a constant flux, there is no evidence that a person will be aware of any previous life that their energy participated in.   Norman does not believe in any God.

2.  If Norman practices no religion, what is he doing in Utah?

A long time ago Norman was on his way to Caribou Island, Maine.  During this journey, Norman ran into some difficulties in Utah that required that he stay in the state for some time.  When the difficulties were resolved, Norman attended two of the universities in Utah.  During this time, Norman began to develop roots in the area.  However, not did those roots keep him in Utah, Norman likes mountainous terrain, and Utah has some of the best mountains in the United States.

3.  Is Norman Haga a nut?

Well… Norman is afraid of squirrels because they might eat him.  Norman is diagnosed bipolar.


4.  What health problems does Norman have?

In addition to being bipolar, Norman has developed heart and lung problems.  Norman has had two pulmonary embolisms, and two heart attacks.  Norman also has stents in the arteries of his heart.



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