Interests of Norman Haga.

Norman lives a simple life because of his health problems. Even though limited in life activities, Norman has a few interests. Those interests are:

Lawn care and yard maintenance.

 photo C_back.jpg
Norman’s first degree was in Electronic Engineering. When Norman was 12 his father bought kits from Heathkit for Norman to build. From the ages of 12 to 16, when he graduated high school, Norman built all of the equipment that he needed to began a television repair shop in North Las Vegas, Nevada. Norman Haga began this television repair shop, Greenwood Television Repair when he graduated high school in 1976. Norman sold his repair shop when he turned 18 and moved to Los Angeles, California.

Before building electronic equipment, Norman’s father, also Named Norman Haga, would buy electronic kits from Radio Shack for Norman to play with. These kits contained items like solar powered fans and Crystal whisker radio kits.

Norman now build, repairs, and modifies electronic instrument amplifiers as a means of keeping busy.
 photo C_front.jpg
Of Course, Norman also works and plays with with computers. He considers computers to be an extension of electronics. Norman writes computer programs in assembly, C, C++ C#, and Pascal languages. Norman Haga has been working on search engine optimization programs.



Norman Haga plays several stringed instrument and the keyboards. However, Norman does not really consider himself a musician. Norman more enjoys building, repairing, and modifying electric and acoustic guitars. Norman built his first electric guitar in shop class in high school. It was not much of a guitar, being built out of oak; the neck was true, but it lacked a truss rod and the frets were misplaced. This was a good learning experience though.

Norman Haga Guitar neck
Hand carved guitar neck
Guitar neck inlays
Inlays by Norman Haga on hand carved guitar neck

The last guitar Norman built has an agathis body, maple carved neck, Dimarzio pickups, a Schaller bridge, stainless steel frets, and Grover tuners. The only power tool used to make this guitar was a dremil tool that was used to polish the frets after the frets were leveled.

working on guitar neck
Working on guitar neck
slotting the bridge
Norman Haga slotting the bridge on a hand made guitar


Lawn care and maintenance;

Norman Haga hates desk and office work. He wishes that he knew this when he attended college. Hind sight is always 20/20. However, Norman has always liked to care for yards. Norman has been trying to start a business – “One Man and a Mower Lawn Care.” Unfortunately, Norman’s health problems have slowed this aspect of Norman’s life down.

When Norman can work at lawn care he uses Poulan Pro equipment. The equipment that Norman uses is the same as the Huskavarna yard equipment, but has a different brand on it. The equipment is made by the same company and all the parts except the outer cover are sold from Huskavarna with a Huskavarna part number.

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