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String Trimming at One Man and a Mower

String trimmers, which are also called Weed Wackers and Weed Eaters, are one of the most common tools used by Norman Haga at One Man and a Mower Lawn care in Salt Lake City. The string trimmer may be the most commonly used tool at One Man and a Mower by Norman Haga or any Utah yard care professional.

With various attachments, Norman Haga uses his string trimmer as an edger, pruner, and string trimmer. All properties that One Man and a Mower looks after benefit from the lawn edges around buildings, planters, and under trees and bushes are trimmed with a string trimmer. When it comes to hard edges, such as where grass and sidewalk meet, Norman Haga changes the attachment to an edger to create a sharp edge that nicely contrasts the two edges and show a clear delineation between the two different materials. Simply put, a string trimmer is an essential tool for making a lawn look neat and well kept that is used by most Utah yard care professionals. Continue reading String Trimming at One Man and a Mower

One man mower equipment

One Man and a Mower Lawn Care uses a 1994 Ford Tempo and a small trailer to transport his equipment. A car, especially when it has a four cylinder engine, is much more fuel efficient than a pickup truck favored by other yard maintenance business. The trailer is also quite small, much smaller than the trailers used by other lawn care firms.

Loaded car and trailer
Equipment loaded and ready to go

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One man quality

Norman Haga operates a small, single man, boutique, lawn care service that is named “One Man and a Mower.” At One Man and a Mower, Norman Haga strives for the utmost professional service that can be achieved.

One Man and a Mower goes out of its way to please the customer and produce the best looking lawn and grounds that can be achieved. Our work is primarily focused on small multi-unit properties. This focus allows us to spend the time with each customer’s property to make it appear the most attractive that is possible.

This is a picture of one of the properties that One Man and a Mower cares for. The property we care for is on the left of the fence. To the right of the fence is a property that is cared for by another lawn care service.

Quality work
One of our contracts

(Click to enlarge)

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One Man and a Mower

One Man and a Mower Lawn Care

We didn’t always have a love affair with lawns. It was not until the industrial revolution that lawns became practical for most Americans. Lawns were seen as a luxury because only the wealthy could afford grounds keepers to maintain the grass with scythes. Most people also could not afford the cattle or sheep to graze the yard and keep grass at a manageable height.

In the 16th Century Renaissance, lawns were cultivated by the wealthy in both France and England. The ground, however, was more likely to be planted with chamomile or thyme than with grass. Both chamomile and thyme make excellent alternatives to grass in modern lawns.

Green lawn
Nice green lawn

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