One man quality

Norman Haga operates a small, single man, boutique, lawn care service that is named “One Man and a Mower.” At One Man and a Mower, Norman Haga strives for the utmost professional service that can be achieved.

One Man and a Mower goes out of its way to please the customer and produce the best looking lawn and grounds that can be achieved. Our work is primarily focused on small multi-unit properties. This focus allows us to spend the time with each customer’s property to make it appear the most attractive that is possible.

This is a picture of one of the properties that One Man and a Mower cares for. The property we care for is on the left of the fence. To the right of the fence is a property that is cared for by another lawn care service.

Quality work
One of our contracts

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You can see that in contrast the property we care for is sharply edged. Edging the sidewalks, and other features, of the property provides an outstanding and attractive appearance of the property. Looking at the property on the right of the fence, we can see that the lawn is well kept, but that the sidewalks are not edged, and flower beds do not have a clear line separating them from the grass, and the bushes are not trimmed and pruned. Not properly edging the walks and caring for the other features of a property reflects shoddy workmanship and makes a property look run down and not well cared for. One Man and a Mower would be ashamed of the workmanship of the property on the right of the fence.